Exile's Choice


Under the advise of the trapper Saylis Inindri took care of the stabbling in order to get a better price. Rob said he would book rooms for the night. So I wandered the town of Wrijjin then made my way to a tavern for a cup of tea and slice of fruit cake. A local friendldy wolffen greeted me and shared information of the local area, the wolfen seemed pleased when I switched to beer eventually my travelling companions joined me first Frobaji and Saylis and later Rob

story so far

The boat we were travelling on was attacked by a sea monster. It was looking very bad for everyone onboard Polanna made use of her amazing mind magic to throw debris at the creature eventually the sea beast gave up and they were able to make port for repairs. The port was part of a town which Rob was very comfortable in and spent some time exploring and causing a few problems with the guard. Our party booked rooms in a local inn but whilst enjoying a nice drink they overheard a group talking about the demise of one of their traveling companions. Saylis decided to take up residence in their room so that when they came to attack they would find an armourly clad elf instead unfortunately Saylis was stbbed with a poisoned dagger and was in dire need of medical help so Poledra levitated her to the local temple who agreed to heal her if she would bring back a lost relic from a nearby island Saylis agreed too the terms and was purgered of the poison. The next day they made their way to the library to find out more information and where Rob had some maps made of which he got Poledra to add an few new locations. They convinced the captain of the ship that they came into port on to take them to the island in payment for a third of the loot. On the island we found a dwarven hall with a …stone, a summoning circle some sea beasts a fools gold mine run by skeletons as well as the ruins of the …… along with the temples relic they picked up lots of treasure and made way back to ship. They gave the cap his share of the loot and made back to town where we gave the relic back to temple and traded some goods. Rob bought a cart horse and waggon and Polanna bought the other cart horse. They then made way through a forest where they met some Coil they went to their camp socialised with them and Saylis took part in single combat with a coil. They went back to cart and continued on journey they came across a trapper, trapped under a bear they went to gnome village it was abandoned the buildings still stood but had no windows or doors they stayed their that night and then moved on to small town called Wrijjin.

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